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Finger Protection sell a full range of finger guards plus some safety products often bought together by schools, hospitals and nurseries. We stock finger guards in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. To order, and subject to volumes, we can supply infection control versions or provide RAL colour matching of some guard models. For lower risk and lower traffic doors we have budget priced finger guards through to heavier duty models and top-ofthe-range products combining durability with designer style for use in prestigious and busy areas.

We have a selection of finger guards designed for automated doors - including a frameless glass door finger guard and a washable, ruggedised one for sterile environments also suitable for external use. If you require the ultimate in robust design and materials we offer two different all-alloy construction finger protectors. For general industrial, commercial and (some) security gate applications two popular guards are the FingerKeeper Industrial TPV range and the FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 range.

We also stock rear hinge guards - to cover the smaller gap at the rear of the door - in either neutral finishes or, for many models, colour matched to a corresponding front finger guard.

Corner Guard - Safety Padding minimises injury and damage in collisions of children, adults or vehicles with the sharp edges of walls, support pillars etc. Padding products are manufactured to the highest standards and to the optimum specification for its purpose and operating environment. For example the corner guard intended to protect children is manufactured from childsafe materials.

Window Restrictors allow for safe and secure natural ventilation while guarding against the risk of falls from windows, balcony doors etc. or from intruders. Restrictors can be unlocked as required for full window opening.

If you want further information on any of our products please call us (01329 841 416) or email us or use the enquiry form (where you can also request material and colour samples).

Special Offers


A Front Finger Door Guard Called FingerKeeper Commercial White Colour Product

FingerKeeper Commercial Front

£17.73 £14.78 (ex. VAT)

Classic Door Finger Guard. A top seller - available in a range of colours. Wider opening and Longer version available in White or Brown. Easy fit, low maintenance.

A Front Finger Door Guard Called FingerKeeper Industrial TPV Black Colour Product

FingerKeeper Industrial TPV

£43.43 £36.19 (ex. VAT)

A door finger guard suited to demanding environments. For interior or exterior doors. 2100mm lengths with black or white guard material. Extra length option and extra width option in Black.

A Front Finger Door Guard Called Finger Defender Black Colour Product

Finger Defender RP

£125.00 £104.17 (ex. VAT)

Prevents finger trapping accidents. Hard-wearing synthetic fibre fabric. Washable and difficult to ignite B1. Suitable for most doors depending on door configuration. 2,000,000 test cycles.

Window Restrictors Prevent Falls From Open Windows

Window Restrictors

From £8.26 £6.88 (ex. VAT)

Window Restrictors prevent children falling from open windows. Fits all types of window. Tested to EN 13126-5 : 2011 + A1 : 2014. Supplied as a complete kit.

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